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brown leaf litter and seed pods with green moss and a speckled pacific tree frog in a bioactive enclosure.
brown leaf litter and seed pods with green moss and a speckled pacific tree frog in a bioactive enclosure.

Inspiring Ecosystems with Sustainably-Sourced Leaf Litter & Botanicals

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The ideal hoodie for cool fall days when you go out to collect your own botanicals for your next aquarium or terrarium project. This hoodie pairs nicely with our Ecosystem Materials Tote Bag.

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Build Better Ecosystems With Our BioActive Leaf Litter & Aquatic Botanical Solutions

Place your critters back into nature and witness theim like you've never seen before! Hover over a dot to explore our leaf litter & botanicals in action...

Brown aquarium leaves and seed pods in a botanical blackwater aquarium for betta fish at Betta Botanicals.

Alder Cones

From $8.00 - $15.00

Indian Almond Leaves & Catappa Leaves (Small)


Southern Magnolia Leaves


#TanninBae Botanical Variety Pack

Aquarium Botanicals for blackwater aquariums by Betta Botanicals.

Magnolia Grandiflora Seed Pod

From $7.00 - $12.75

Casuarina Pine Needles


Casuarina Cones


The Everglades Botanical Pack


Sappanwood Pods


Jackfruit Leaves

A dark brown and black cocoa pod from South America for botanical aquariums at Betta Botanicals.

Cocoa Pods

From $4.50 - $15.00

King Pod - Sapucaia Seed Pods - Peruvian Blackwater Botanicals

Ben Peterson, owner of Betta Botanicals, packs aquarium botanicals into boxes at Betta botanicals HQ.

Ecosystems. Sustainability. Inclusion.

We are enthusiasts just like you, building and advocating for better ecosystems. We are not your average aquatics brand, nor are we just for bettas; we curate premium natural products for an immense variety of creatures, big and small, vertebrates and invertebrates. We pride ourselves not only in our products, but in our home-compostable product packaging too. If you crave to learn more about building actual ecosystems, click below!

A rabbit snail eating biofilms on aquarium botanicals (alder cones) inside a botanical method aquarium by Betta Botanicals, for blackwater aquariums, and aquarium biotopes.

Top 5 Aquarium Botanicals for Beginners

Step into the realm of aquarium botanicals for beginners and our top aquarium botanical recommendations. The use of materials like magnolia leaves, alder cones, and catappa leaves can be done by anyone, and at any stage in the aquarium hobby. This resource is here to help walk you down the right path, and spark curiosity about this fantastic community and niche of the hobby.

How to Collect Your Own Aquarium Botanicals

Aquarium botanicals provide refuge, foraging sites, spawning grounds, and enrichment to the life of fish, reptiles, and amphibians. They provide an enhanced ecosystem which replicates their natural habitat and improves their natural behaviors. Our guide on how to safely collect your own is a great resource to learn how to do it safely.

A botanical aquarium with a wild betta hendra swimming above aquarium botanicals by Betta Botanicals, for betta fish tanks, blackwater aquariums, and biotope aquariums.