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Product Description: Bring new life and a natural cave to your aquarium with Betta Botanicals' premium Cocoa Pods. Sourced directly from the lush forests of Sumatra, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, these Cocoa Pods offer a unique and natural addition to your blackwater or botanical method aquarium. Unlike our other botanicals, our cocoa pods do not impact the water's tint or pH balance, unless you are using RODI water. Their dark black composition and rough, bumpy exterior provide the perfect hiding place and spawning site for fish like Betta hendra, Betta burdigala, Corydoras, and Plecos. Each pod is hand-selected and harvested with care to ensure the highest quality and sustainability, making our Cocoa Pods an exceptional choice for your aquarium's ecosystem. An abundance of biofilms are known to colonize these pods, so do not be alarmed if after a couple of days, you have a lush layer of biofilms. It is recommended that you leave these biofilms alone, but if you must, you may siphon them out during your water exchange. 

Not for Human Consumption. Preparation Required.

Quantities: Available in 1c and 4c Cocoa Pods in either size small or size large pods. Sizes and shapes range. This is a natural product; variation between leaves and botanicals is expected.

Aquarium Botanical Location: Sumatra, Indonesia.

Aquarium Botanical FAQs


  1. Please reference our Shipping and Hassle-Free Return Policy at the bottom of the screen. All Products are packaged inside a COMPOSTABLE Ziplock bag and shipped safely to your door. 
  2. Please refer to our botanical preparation instructions. These Botanicals are grown and harvested in pesticide-free environments and It is recommended to use 2-3 botanical pieces per 5 gallons to start, wait 5-7 days or the next water exchange and add some more.
  3. Aquarium botanicals, leaves and seed pods are not for human consumption, ever. 

Commonly Asked Questions:


1) Will botanicals lower the pH of my water?

It entirely depends on your water chemistry. Soft water will allow the botanicals to lower your pH more than if you have medium or hard water. At Betta Botanicals HQ our tap water is Very Hard, ( 350+ppm) and we do not notice a change in water pH unless using Alder Cones or Macaranga leaves.

2) What are the white growths on my botanicals?

White growths are the colonization of biofilms and fungi in the aquarium. We call this the 'goo phase' and it is totally natural. Botanicals are fuel for the ecosystem and the populations of bacteria and fungi will naturally rise and fall.

3) I don't have Bettas, will these botanicals be okay for my fish?

100% yes. Our botanicals are for aquariums terrariums, vivariums and all natural enclosures.

4) I have goldfish and axolotls, what botanicals should I get?

We DO NOT recommend using botanicals that these fish can ingest. Botanicals like casuarina cones, small alder cones, and live oak are not suited for these animals. Large aquarium leaves like Indian almond, loquat, and jackfruit are preferred. 

5) When should I replace aquarium leaves?

We recommend letting aquarium leaves and seed pods entirely break down into beneficial detritus. You can absolutely remove them after they don’t release tannins anymore, you just don’t get all potential benefits of leaving them in the aquarium. 

Betta Botanicals Shipping and DOA Policy

All products from Betta Botanical show live shipping rates from your prefered carrier. We offer FREE shipping on USA orders over $50. Aquatic Plants have an additional $8 charge as they require expedited shipping which is either USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 2Day, depending on your location. Wood has a Flat Shipping fee of $8. If an item has an assigned shipping $ value to it, this $ value is applied even when the order total qualifies for free shipping due to shipping costs, packing material, and time to carefully package your products.

When do you ship live plants?

Live plants ship Mondays and Tuesdays for orders received by 9pm PST on the previous day. Live plants are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or Fedex Express 2Day. Live arrival is guaranteed as long as you follow the DOA Policy below.

How long does my order take to ship?

Live plant orders are only shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to prevent them from being held over the weekend at the post office. This means it could take 6 days for your order to ship (live plant orders placed monday evenings after 9pm, ship the following Monday morning). Orders containing only botanicals will ship within 1-4 business days. Thank you!

What is Your DOA Policy?

Email us at with photos of your plants within 2 hrs of delivery notification with the shipping carrier of the plants inside of the bag. Do not order plants if they will have to sit inside of your mailbox for an entire workday in 85+ degrees or in temps below freezing. Plants are perishable and we reserve the right to hold shipments until stable weather conditions on our end of shipping. Plants are not duckweed or snail free.

Do I have to Follow the Preparation Instructions?

We strongly recommend following the botanical preparation instructions. These instructions ensure that any 'potential contaminants' are removed if they find their way onto your leaves, bark, and seed pods.



Customer Reviews

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My newts are obsessed!

The most functional botanical, my newts hang out inside and on top of theirs all the time!

Carol Lukach
Coco pods

I bought these cocopods for my peacock gudgeons, in hopes of having a natrual cave/tunnel structure for them to breed. It looks fantastic and natural in my tank and is the perfect size. Shipping was very prompt and the compostible packaging is really nice since we all love nature! YouTube video placeholder