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Ben's Aquarium blog is a developing resource full of tips and tricks to help build your ecosystem. Every two weeks we upload a new blog post helping to make botanical aquariums easier to keep. If you have a topic you want us to write about please send us a message!

Two Trichopsis sparkling gourami swim in a blackwater botanical method aquarium at Betta Botanicals.

Sparkling Gourami: Comprehensive Care And Habitat Guide

Our guest blog guides enthusiasts through the essentials of creating a thriving habitat for these iridescent beauties in botanical aquariums. It covers everything from tank setup and ideal water conditions to...
A shelf of fish food for wild and domestic betta fish at Betta Botanicals.

Wild Betta Fish Diet: A Comprehensive Guide

Achieving an optimal diet for your betta fish is crucial for their health and happiness. Understanding their natural habitat in Southeast Asia provides insights into their diverse diet, including insects,...
a blue iridescent betta hendra in a blackwater botanical method aquarium.

Betta Hendra: A Comprehensive Care and Habitat Guide

Betta Hendra, native to the dark, tannin-rich waters of Borneo's peat swamps, captivates aquarists with its vibrant colors, intricate fin patterns, and unique behavioral traits. The blog post delves into...
Bioactive Vivarium Build Guide for Pacific Tree Frogs - Part 1

Bioactive Vivarium Build Guide for Pacific Tree Frogs - Part 1

Discover the captivating world of bioactive vivariums for Pacific Tree Frogs, creating self-sustaining ecosystems that mimic their natural habitat. This guide will lead you through enclosure selection, substrate choices, and...
Aquarium Biofilms - The Good, The Bad, And The (NOT) So Ugly

Aquarium Biofilms - The Good, The Bad, And The (NOT) So Ugly

Explore biofilms in botanical aquariums, their role in filtration, food sources, and the 'Goo' phase. Calvin Darling highlights their importance for ecosystem stability in this informative dive.
A glass aquarium with brown tinted water and tan twisted branches creating a blackwater aquarium at Betta Botanicals.

Setting Up An Aquarium | Research, Inspiration, Life & Death

Just like in nature, aquariums have a life and death so enjoy your setups and start over if you think it is time for your ecosystem to be reborn. 
A brown floating macaranga leaf floating in an aquarium with shiny bubbles underneath at Betta Botanicals.

Macaranga Leaves for Indonesian Blackwater Biotope Aquariums

To create a truly captivating Sumatran biotope aquarium you will need to utilize macaranga leaves; both for their tint and pH reducing properties.
A tan and grey rocky hillslope in a aquarium with leaf litter and text on screen that reads biotope vs. blackwater vs. botanical method.

Key Differences: Biotopes, Blackwater & Botanical Method Aquariums

At first glance, each aquarium type can appear the same – they each have similar elements: botanicals. But upon closer inspection, you'll notice differences in the plant and animal stocking and...
Shrimp safe leaf litter like bamboo and stinging nettles for aquariums at Betta Botanicals.

What Leaves Can I Feed My Shrimp? Shrimp Safe Leaf Litter!

Freshwater ecosystems are so much more than just fish and plants! The next time you visit your local stream or lake, take a closer look at its inhabitants – we’re...