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It’s perfect

I will recommend this product

Easiest way to add tannins

Love that there was no preparation for the tea! Made it so much quicker and worked in minutes.

My order was delivered in perfect condition.

My order was delivered fast and in perfect condition.

Excellent delivery
Everything in good shape.

Perfect Parosphromenus breeding caves!

Very good amount of leaves, super clean!

Palm Pot

The perfect little floating resting cave for my Betta! He loves his new retreat!

Palta Leaf Litter

Perfect leaves, worked exactly the way I wanted to in my black water fish tank, sank fast. Thanks! Will order more soon

Areca Palm Fronds

Phenomenal palm fronds, worked exactly the way I wanted to in my black water fish tank. Thank! Will order more soon

Excelsa Palm Fronds

Phenomenal product, worked exactly the way I wanted to in my black water fish tank. Thank! Will order more soon

Huge and awesome leaves!

These are huge, even when folded in half its still bigger than most leaves. Bit tight for nano setups but will fill up a wide space.

Nice Addition to Any BW Tank

Decent amount for the price, super clean, and just the right size leaf for tanks <10 gallons.

Great Paro Breeding Caves!

Perfect pods for small cave spawners. My Parosphromenus love them! The compostable packaging is the cherry on top!

my shrimp love it!

god this variety pack and my shrimp love it! one liked it so much it took a whole pellet and kept it for itself! great for berried mamas too!

Just as shown

Love it and it's a fun little place different fish hand out

Great little cave

Just as pictured, had some difficulty getting it to sink but put a small rock in it and down it went


I am obsessed with my manzanita piece from Betta Botanicals, it looks fantastic in my tank and is shrimp, snail, and betta approved

I love the ramshorn! It looks amazing after following the botanical prep instructions and expanded quite larger than I thought, super impressed with the quality and size!

Betta botanicals tea bags

Bought a bag of betta botanicals for a quick way to tanin my aquarium and they worked as advertised I definitely recommend Betta botanicals for all Betta keepers

So far it’s good . Haven’t had it long enough to tell if it’s working or not.

I will always order my botanicals from here, love the products! So do my fish.

Amazing color! I’m scared with how popular you guys are getting I won’t be able to reorder when I need to! Keep up the excellent work and amazing quality. The packaging is simple yet secure and equally adorable.
I thought the price was steep until I read that it was 32 tea bags and one covers 10 gallons alone. I’ll be stocked up for awhile thankfully!

Look great in my tank and you get a fair amount for the price. Great seller. Highly reccomend!

Love these! I like to cut small leaf shapes of them for my nano ecosystem tank and they are flat and easy to cut. They are a much better value than Indian almond and my shrimp, snails and microbiology love them.