How to Prepare Aquarium Botanicals


Betta Botanicals Preparation Instructions


A boiling pot of aquarium botanicals on a stove at Betta Botanicals.This very simple guide will explain how to prepare botanicals for the use in aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, and other ecosystems. All of our products that require preparation will say "Preparation Required" on the product label, and we strongly recommend that you follow the steps below. This preparation method ensures any potential contaminants stay out of your aquarium.



Preparing aquarium botanicals is an import process in the botanical style aquarium. Some botanicals contain too many tannins to start with, creating too dark of an aquarium.

We recommend starting with 2-3 pieces of botanical materials (literally 2-3 twigs, a small handful of live oak, or 2-3 magnolia leaves) per 5 gallons of water. This is because botanicals are FUEL, acting as part of the bioload in your aquarium, and their introduction will spark additional growths in beneficial bacteria and fungi.







How To Prepare Aquarium Botanicals:

1) Rinse botanicals under hot tap water for 60 seconds

2) Boil all botanical materials for 5 minutes in fresh tap water

3) Drain and strain your botanicals, discarding the first batch of water

4) Boil or soak your botanicals in fresh dechlorinated water until water logged. This second batch of water is safe for use in the aquarium, along with the water logged botanicals. 


A boiling pot of leaf litter and bark for botanical aquariums at Betta Botanicals.Having Issues?

If after following these preparation instructions you find adverse reactions with your fish, please email immediately with photos/videos so we can help you address any potential issues. We take our QA/QC very seriously, and it is uncommon for issues to arise after we have batch tested each shipment before fulfilling your order. Common issues are a white cloudy or haziness to the water which is the bloom of beneficial bacteria in the ecosystem - this will subside and the most action we recommend taking is adding an air stone for surface agitation.

Adding Botanicals to Shrimp Tanks

***we would like to reiterate adding botanicals to established aquariums slowly. Shrimp keepers need to pay special attention to this, as the oxygen levels of the aquarium can be impacted from using too many botanicals as the bacteria and fungal colonies ebb and flow. Please email us with any questions, or DM us on instagram 🍂

Betta Botanicals Preparation Instructions

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