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A shelf of fish food for wild and domestic betta fish at Betta Botanicals.

Wild Betta Fish Diet: A Comprehensive Guide

Achieving an optimal diet for your betta fish is crucial for their health and happiness. Understanding their natural habitat in Southeast Asia provides insights into their diverse diet, including insects,...
a blue iridescent betta hendra in a blackwater botanical method aquarium.

Betta Hendra: A Comprehensive Care and Habitat Guide

Betta Hendra, native to the dark, tannin-rich waters of Borneo's peat swamps, captivates aquarists with its vibrant colors, intricate fin patterns, and unique behavioral traits. The blog post delves into...
A blue, red, and black male plakat betta fish in a botanical method aquarium with text on screen talking about the ideal temperatures for betta fish at Betta Botanicals.

What are the Ideal Temperatures for Betta Fish?

Technically, all the betta species live in similar parameters - tropical temperatures, with soft, dark, and acidic water. However, as you explore each species and its unique environment, you begin to...
Wild Betta Fish Vs. Domestic Betta Fish Care

Wild Betta Fish Vs. Domestic Betta Fish Care

With 73 recognized species, the betta genus offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Among these diverse species, five stand out for their unique characteristics: Betta splendens, Betta imbellis, Betta...