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Ben's Aquarium Blog » Reverse Osmosis

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A tan and grey rocky hillslope in a aquarium with leaf litter and text on screen that reads biotope vs. blackwater vs. botanical method.

Key Differences: Biotopes, Blackwater & Botanical Method Aquariums

At first glance, each aquarium type can appear the same – they each have similar elements: botanicals. But upon closer inspection, you'll notice differences in the plant and animal stocking and...
Reverse osmosis water in a bucket containing botanicals to make blackwater h20 for a betta macrostoma aquarium at Betta Botanicals.

A Guide to Using RO Water in Aquariums

Reverse osmosis water is a great option for aquarists of all experience levels, but only after you've conducted proper research. Not only can RO water benefit your aquarium’s ecosystem by...