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Ben's Aquarium Blog » Naturally lower ph

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A brown floating macaranga leaf floating in an aquarium with shiny bubbles underneath at Betta Botanicals.

Macaranga Leaves for Indonesian Blackwater Biotope Aquariums

To create a truly captivating Sumatran biotope aquarium you will need to utilize macaranga leaves; both for their tint and pH reducing properties.
Reverse osmosis water in a bucket containing botanicals to make blackwater h20 for a betta macrostoma aquarium at Betta Botanicals.

A Guide to Using RO Water in Aquariums

Reverse osmosis water is a great option for aquarists of all experience levels, but only after you've conducted proper research. Not only can RO water benefit your aquarium’s ecosystem by...
Green neon tetras swimming in a blackwater aquarium with text "naturally lower the pH of your aquarium" by Betta Botanicals.

How to Naturally Lower the pH of Your Aquarium

The Best and Worst Way to Lower Aquarium pH What is pH and the 'Potential of Hydrogen'? pH is the “potential of hydrogen” which measures hydrogen ion activity within a... Read More