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How to Prepare Botanicals

Using aquarium botanicals and how to prepare them are important steps in how to set up a botanical style aquarium. After you buy aquarium botanicals from Betta Botanicals, and if the label inside the package says "Preparation Required", then you need to follow the below steps. This prep method ensures any potential contaminants stay out of your aquarium.

Aquarium botanicals in a pot for a blackwater aquarium by Betta Botanicals.

How to Prepare Aquarium Botanicals:

1) Rinse botanicals under hot tap water for 60 seconds.

2) Boil all botanical materials for 5 minutes in fresh tap water.

3) Drain and strain your botanicals, discarding this old water

4) Boil or soak your botanicals in fresh dechlorinated water until water logged. This second batch of water is safe for use in the aquarium along with the water logged botanicals

Here is an abridged version of aquarium botanical preparation from our instagram.

Why do We Prepare Aquarium Botanicals? 

The reason we follow this preparation method is because some aquarium botanicals contain too many tannins for the aquarium if added in raw, or they have accumulated dust or other particulates during shipping or storage. Whenever I personally prep botanicals for my aquariums, I follow this method. Some of the fish I have are expensive or hard to source. This short boil, drain and strain, and then soak, ensures the safety of all the products I use.

Goodluck! As you practice this prep method you will start to smell the different compounds released by each botanical. It is a very enjoyable process, and a vital element to the practice of creating botanical aquarium. Here is the most up to date guide on preparing aquarium botanicals.

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